Monday, April 29, 2013

owling in class

There may not be a whole lot of people who fit Bernd and Hilla Becher and owling into the same class, by way of numerous same-but-different C19th tourist stereoscopic images of the Bridge of Sighs (and Martin Parr's Small World), but that's what you get if you talk about photographing and repetition.  I wanted to allude (briefly!) to memes (and found, to my surprise that Richard Dawkins was responsible for coining the term), and after Grumpy Cat, and a small detour whilst we pondered what might constitute a suitable Grumpy Tag caption for our class, I mentioned both Reflectoporn (and that's a phenomenon worth checking out, briefly - who knew ...?) and owling.  I was really surprised that NOT EVERYONE KNEW WHAT OWLING ENTAILS - is it already so passe?  Are my students less attuned to more or less current popular culture than I am?  So Justine volunteered to demonstrate what owling is, and even though a VKC chair is a pretty sorry perch compared to some of the ones that one can find on line, she did a very good job.  I'm just sorry I only had my iPhone to hand, and not a better camera - but there again, quite probably this kind of activity is most suitably captured in a thoroughly vernacular method.

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