Thursday, April 25, 2013

pattern recognition

Join up the dots.  That was one of the mantras that we were given to play with in the blurb/instructions for the event in which I took part at lunchtime today - three of us - one science journalist, one poli sci person, and myself, each with 8-10 minutes to talk about pattern recognition.  Pattern recognition (which is apparently what all employers are looking for, these days)?  I'm not entirely sure why I agreed, or why I thought I had anything to say about this - but I managed to talk for 10 minutes on Owen Jones's Grammar of Ornament, Berndt and Hilla Becher, Agnes Martin, Thomas Struth, Penelope Umbrico, Franco Moretti (graphs and maps, though I didn't really get to the trees) and Anne Helmreich et al's work on mapping C19th London art galleries and exhibition sites.  No wonder that it seemed like a good night to go out and eat: this was opposite Baco Mercat (good raw fish; rather greasy everything else) on S. Main.  And these blue lights slowly getting more visible, as the light went down, on the building opposite.

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