Thursday, July 25, 2013

technology (harrumph) - for July 24th

... so: I take my Nikon to Bread Loaf graduation, and find I have no memory card in it.  Yes, that's why the design allows me to carry two cards in it simultaneously, to avoid that happening.  But.  Lesson learned.  So no impeccable portraits of my colleagues, like the unmatchable Simon Ortiz.  Bah.  But my iPhone, at least, managed to pick up the women's mariachi band - who'll be leading the procession from the Cathedral on Sunday, at Spanish Market (I talked to them in the rest room - they needed rescuing from the woman - non-Bread-Loafer - who was quizzing them about whether they played Guantanamera).

But could I upload even that at the Sheraton at LAX (despite the great view?).  No.  The advertised free wi-fi didn't exist.  The 12.95 wi-fi refused to connect.  And in any case, I was too busy trying to mend the toilet cistern (chain had broken on the handle, internally).  I like plumbing.  I've had several notable plumbing successes this summer.  This wasn't one of them (admittedly, flying with carry-on, I didn't have my Swiss Army knife with me).  So, defeated by technology of all kinds, I slept.

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