Wednesday, July 31, 2013

wheat pasting with a purpose

Just off Harvard Square, there's a whole wall of wheat pasted faces of young people - part of a project designed to draw attention to the plight of the young homeless (of which there are many, it would seem, around the Square - and the middle-aged homeless, too).  And some disaffected Young, too - or so I judged the young person coming out of the subway station wearing a T shirt saying FUCK YOUR BELIEFS.  What made him decidedly unusual, though, was that he was wearing a zebra head.

In its own right, this is a good, serious piece of political-activist-pasting.  But what is it with the butterflies?  And the Dame et la licorne collaged extras?  Are they part of the original schema, or some other kind of visual intervention?

(And, Megan - no Hi Rise lunch today - I was too busy with press photographers' autobiographies ... but, having excellent tea with friends, I did have my share of one of a HR plum pie, which was quite exquisite.  I'd find it impossible to be restrained if one lived as close as they do to its source ...).

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