Wednesday, July 17, 2013

up a tree

But I don't understand it.  Where did that bird GO?  Begging forgiveness for showing Moth two days running, this was an adventurous morning, with her hurtling up a tree at the very moment that I was throwing Walter Gomez back indoors, stopping him from jumping over our yard wall.  She has worked out how to do trees!  I was petrified that she wander along a branch and onto the roof, and that it would take me forever to find someone with a ladder that would let me get up there, and meanwhile ... yes, meanwhile, I was trying to do teaching prep, and the morning was evaporating as I was standing under a tree going MothyMothyMothy.  Meanwhile, of course, a selection of birds kept landing in the other tree, and giggling at her.  In the end - her magic, favorite kitty wand that she's obsessed with, and a bowl of kibble, did the trick.  It was, it goes without saying, great fun seeing her have fun, even if she was wobbling my nerves at times.

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