Saturday, September 14, 2013

a television set!

Yes, it's a television set - a remarkably dull picture of a television set.  But you don't know.  When we moved in, we had someone from Time Warner come round and supposedly fix up the cable - but all he did was tell us that (a) we had too many different cable lines inside the house - courtesy of the previous owner and (b) that we didn't need cable boxes because of the way in which it was wired and spliced as it came in.  Trustingly, we believed him (he was, of course, wrong on both counts).  Trustingly, we put up with grainy TV pictures, flickering and spotty internet ... and then, last weekend, we came to the slow realisation that we hadn't been getting any of the premier cable that we've paid for for the last 6 months.  Hmmmmn.  So - several phone calls to TW later, they sent around two wonderful guys today, who replaced the splicers, installed some kind of booster, fixed up the cable boxes, and did everything that should have been done months ago.  From this pathetic story you can gather that we don't watch much TV apart from the news and sport ... (mitigating claim: there's always what one can get on one's computer, too) ... and then when we found we couldn't get the Pac 12 channels, "sport" was a deficient category, too.  Next up?  I will go and buy a real flat screen TV!  

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