Wednesday, September 4, 2013

toy mouse

I was encouraging my Writing and Photography students today to think about texture (the texture of particular forms of printing; the texture of fabric and walls; texture as representing the marks of history) - this was in connection with Adrienne Rich's poem about Imogen Cunningham's photograph of the Unmade Bed.  They are, perhaps, more sophisticated and shrewder readers of images than poetry - they love nothing more, it would seem, than speculating about How To Read what's in front of them (and I teach in a gloriously well-appointed room - I can project, simultaneously, on two ordinary screens at the front, and two HD plasma screens on either side of the room - perfect for detail.  And texture.  So here, by way of solidarity, is a toy mouse that LucyFur dropped in my study this morning - all rough hessian and grainy floorboard.

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