Saturday, September 21, 2013

the trojan helmet

... and here's that helmet again, this time on a flag, and being run out onto the field accompanied by a whole lot of cheerleaders.  In other words, our annual USC football visit, courtesy of the President's Football Party, and alas a game so fundamentally dull (even though USC crawled to an unimpressive win) that I was surreptitiously checking my iPhone for the Rutgers score updates (and they, somehow, grasped a miraculous and last minute victory).  Whoever thought that in moving to USC I'd be moving to an institution with an inferior football team?  At the same time, I still watch it all with the eyes of a slightly incredulous foreigner witnessing strange tribal rituals, even though I now understand the game so much better, and have to recalibrate my sensory impression that it's something played in mud and driving sleet, and instead think of it as an opportunity to sunbathe.

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