Friday, September 13, 2013

shower curtain

One of my ridiculous indulgences when we moved into this house was a new shower curtain and bathmat for one of the bathrooms - the one that still has the original late 20s tiles, including an arch round the bath.  I would have killed for a design like this when I was ten - always supposing, that is, that in England at that time anyone had ever dreamed of installing a shower, which they didn't.  Even so, I'd have settled for a life-size horse on the inside of my bedroom door, say.  Somehow I found this on line - a very handsome beast to stand in one's virtual stable.  Oh, yes - that is Walter Gomez's tail, on the right, and little Mothy's head, on the left - they couldn't imagine why I was standing in the bathroom with a camera if they weren't to feature in it.

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