Sunday, September 29, 2013

signs of fall

Signs of fall in the Farmers' Market: strings of garlic hanging behind the tubs of freshly dug potatoes;

Chile roasting!  And ristras of fresh chiles;

lots of very large tomatoes;

and new sculptures outside the Lew Allen Gallery.  Can't say that I'm much taken with these.

And a disconcerting experience - ran into an old friend, I thought, said hello to them twice, but no response - disconcerting, because I have very, very bad facial recognition at the best of times (I find it easy to remember static faces in photographs, but mobile ones on human beings  ...?  I don't exactly have, at least not in a full blown version, whatever it is that Oliver Sacks suffers from that involves complete facial non-recognition, but let's just say that it causes me far too many embarrassments).  But this time ... I was pretty sure ... but ... given my track record on such matters, I wasn't risking flat-out embarrassment.  So - if you're reading this, and know who you are, and were eating a rather good looking blueberry muffin, hello, again ...

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