Saturday, December 28, 2013

back in the closet

We're home!  And the cats are so happy that we're back.  Let me re-phrase that: three of the cats are very happy that we've returned, and the feral orange fluffy Bitzi is - well, she quickly excavated a hiding place in the cupboard by my side of the bed, and is in there, glowering.  By contrast, Moth is leaping and bounding around, LucyFur (whilst continuing to claim Superiority over Kittens) is re-establishing her relationship with us, and Walter Gomez is happily sniffing our feet.  And other parts - as a special treat, he sat on the side of the bath with me in it, dipping his paws in the water, and linking my leg.  There was an interesting moment in London when we had to disabuse my mother: I'd thought that she was having an odd difficulty on Skype in pronouncing his name - it turns out that she thought his name was Walter Gropius ...

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