Tuesday, December 10, 2013

waiting to pick up mail

Presumably this is an image of someone waiting for the post office to open - it's always a good idea to take something to read.  I was there ten minutes before the doors were unlocked, and was the 11th in line ... but if the USPS attempts to deliver a registered packet, one needs to go and pick it up and find what it is.  

A small packet.  A small intriguing packet.  A small intriguing packet from China.  So eventually I emerged, clutching it, walked back to my car past this wall decoration - and tore it open, through its layers of plastic packaging.  And inside ... one small, but elegant roll of Japanese packaging tape that I'd ordered a while back through Amazon - with some others that came through a less tortuous route.  That all seemed to involve a lot of effort, on every side.

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