Saturday, December 21, 2013


I feel as though I've spent much too much of the last forty-eight hours or so pondering about the weather - would it snow in the night (answer: no, not in Santa Fe - not more than a centimeter); would the roads be icy; would we run into Bad Weather on the drive down to Albuquerque?  Which we didn't, but as this image shows, it was a close-run thing, with clouds galloping up over the horizon.  When we landed in Dallas, there were thick clouds and mist and rain and hardly any visibility, and our flight to London is delayed (bad weather, worse weather, almost everywhere else) ... and as for the weather forecast in London: rain clouds, rain clouds, rain clouds.  It's so easy to become obsessed with stuff that one can do nothing about: I'm sure that this is because our Christmas travel has been so persistently on a collision course with bad weather over the last few years ...

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