Tuesday, December 3, 2013

off color

Let's just say that the last time that I had to rush out of class - twice - to be ill, and then had to lie down on my office floor, was during my first month teaching at Bristol, many years ago, and that - for the life of a junior professor was lonely and stressful - had involved an unwise amount and combination of red wine and whiskey the night before.  Nothing like that on this occasion, I promise ... but I felt just as dreadful.  And I have no idea what caused it - bug? food poisoning?  At least, unlike last time, my department chair didn't walk in to the office to find me lying supine - one of the more embarrassing moments of my working life, and one never again mentioned between us.  Doubtless (let's hope) he thought I was suffering from some unmentionable Female Problem.

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