Wednesday, January 1, 2014

and so begins ...

the sixth year of Forms ...  As ever, I wondered at points during last year whether this would be It; whether five years of successive entries would be time to Call It A Day; whether it would be a sheer relief not to have to find something to take a picture of, to write about ... and at the same time, I know that I'd miss it.  I had all kinds of wildly ambitious ideas about shifting things a little for this year; of educating myself - not so much this time around about photographic theory, as was the case five years ago, but about color ... my thought was to take a color a month, and work around it.  If this is true, it looks as though January is yellow.

This doesn't work in some ways for me: I have (is that the right verb?) synaesthesic tendencies, and January is, or ought to be, green.  February is yellow.  I realize, thinking about this, that I don't see months in colors as vividly as I do days of the week, or letters, or numbers.  I'll come back to this as a topic ... If January is yellow (and I mightn't follow this one through; it's the year's beginning, it's tentative) this is because I couldn't resist taking a picture of this metallic sheepy, a Christmas present from my parents, sitting happily in the pale yellow morning sunshine in the alcove on our chimney breast.

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