Wednesday, January 29, 2014

palms against the sky

This wasn't the best possible view of these particular palm trees against the yellow sky on my drive home, but it was the best I could do once the lights had changed to red ... reinforcing Thomas Struth's point, yesterday, that there's something different to look at all the time - walk down a block, and each house is different.  It's a city made for walking, he said, except that nobody does.  Although ... not only do we walk around Los Feliz, but I think the continual supply of difference is a very major reason for why I drive home via the surface streets, not taking the freeway.  I think I'd rather have an extra fifteen minutes of looking.

Revising a piece today that I've just written, which has a whole chunk in it about Alvin Landon Coburn, I realize, of course, the influence behind yesterday's image.  It just needed a bit of tweaking.

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