Sunday, January 19, 2014


It's hard to tell quite what Walter Gomez (L) and Moth (R) are hopeful for, but hopeful they are.  Maybe for the rabbit that was hopping around outside earlier?  Maybe for a squirrel?  Maybe just to go outside and explore (no chance)?  There's a house for sale up the street - a lovely looking house - with a Catarium, so called - so maybe we should build them a large wire enclosure so that they can get more close up and personal with nature?  It's a strange picture, since it looks like fall - these are the leaves, just dropping, from the ornamental pear, even as it's coming into blossom, and even as the temperatures are in the high 70s outside.  

It has been quite wonderful to spend time at home - with Alice, with cats, with writing, with reading - it feels like the first time in weeks that (notwithstanding LA's super-polluted air, at the moment) I've been able to breathe.

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