Thursday, June 12, 2014

as ever, in Winslow

An unremarkable image, but it sums up what I always feel when staying at La Posada: if they can, in arid, windy Winslow make their gardens so beautiful, it's time to get more inspired (get a bigger water bill?) in Santa Fe.  I am so happy and excited that Allan Affeldt - who together with Tina Mion restored La Posada to its current glory - has bought La Castaneda in Las Vegas NM - older by just over thirty years than La Posada, it was the first, or the first main Harvey House railway hotel - I went into its yard some years back on the occasion of the Kerry/Edwards campaign train stopping there (! ah, the optimism ...) - and they are going to restore it to glory, using (I gather this good news from the article on April 21st in the Albuquerque Journal) only local - that is, local to Las Vegas -  craftspeople.  And he already bought, last year, all the old hand-painted furniture when La Fonda, here in Santa Fe, did its remodel - I'd been wondering what had happened to that.   Roll on 2015 ...

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