Sunday, June 29, 2014

cripple creek

Cripple Creek is the old gold mining town on which the wealth of Colorado Springs originally grew - about forty miles away, by road - and now a strange fake late Victorian town (rebuild after its 1896 fire - but hard, in many places, to tell what's old, what new); with a wonderful museum that was established in the 1950s (and which these images don't do justice to, because it is an amalgam of mining memorabilia and social history of all kinds, but I've never been able to resist faking up faked-up rooms).  

Today was Donkey Derby day (though we left before the Big Race), which meant that there were many donkeys around, being fed donkey treats);

other entertainments like mechanical bull riding;

and then the ubiquitous casinos - this one has an especially splendid mock Victorian roof.  I went in to it to use the bathroom, which gave me ample opportunity to rearrange my camera with a lens concealed inside my shirt, and me shooting hopefully at waist height, squeezing it through the fabric (casinos SO do not like photographers).  I was very lucky with this ...

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