Friday, June 20, 2014

driving home from the library

I guess it's kind of crazy to take it for granted that one makes a 150-mile round trip to the nearest good library once or twice a week, but it doesn't, in fact, take a great deal longer than a round trip to the Getty (on a bad - ok, a very bad - day).  And gas is cheaper here.  And these are the views on one of the routes back.

I'm very lucky that UNM has such a good Fine Arts library; and very lucky, too, that Russell Lee (whom I've been working on all through today) was the FSA photographer who made the greatest use of flash - and he took a huge number of pictures of New Mexico (not just the relatively well known Pie Town ones).  This manages to bring things all together ...

... however, there are 1,917 negatives of Lee's images of New Mexico in the Library of Congress holdings (and available on line) - photo research can take a long, long time ...

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