Sunday, June 1, 2014

garage issues

I know that there may be People Out There who are skeptical about my ability to keep a garage and its storage spaces tidy, but I humbly submit that (a) this problem may be hereditary and (b) that at least my tools etc. don't look quite as bad as this.  Sure, there are plastic containers labeled things like "picture hooks" and "cup hooks," and I have no doubt that this is what's inside them.  And there are all those tobacco tins piled up on the left hand side of the third shelf down.  It's long, long mystified both my mother and myself why - when my father prides himself on neatness and organization - that whole sections of the garage look like this, or worse.  If I am guilty of keeping things "in case they might be useful," this takes the principle of just-in-case-ness to a whole new level ...

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