Thursday, June 5, 2014

crow at gas station

The Chevron gas station at Ludlow, on I-40, has sprouted a whole lot of notices warning Absolutely No Photography on Chevron Property or in Store, which prompts me to check, at some future moment of procrastination, whether someone has posted to Flickr images of the grubby restrooms (in defense of the store, I've noticed that it's recently really improved its stock).  But why?  Because they don't want the crows immortalized?  There were a lot of predatory ones around.  Because a motorist knocked down a photographer?  Because it's a well known haunt of private eyes, looking for illicit assignations? Because nefarious transactions take place there?  Mystery, mystery - but not way can one say that things never change on our drive to New Mexico (something brought home when we rolled into Winslow, and the little white and red ancient cafe building opposite La Posada has been painted what I can only term Silver Lake sludge.

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