Sunday, August 3, 2014

a sheep at Wimbledon Station

oh, my goodness: isn't she adorable?  Her name is Sophie, and she was collecting money for cancer patients at Wimbledon Station this afternoon (she certainly did well out of us).  Her sister, or for all I know girlfriend, Amy, is apparently usually the one to pose for money in this way (and Sophie borrowed her tiara for this shot), but she wasn't around because she was off in London filming with Kate Winslet (that seems a very LA excuse for a sheep not to be present, to me …).  I asked her minder - shepherd? - how he brought her there: oh, he said, she just gets in the back of the car.  Of course.

This is what I thought I was going to post today - a painted shed and garden just by West Dulwich station - more rus in urbe, but Sophie, necessarily, wins out.

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