Wednesday, August 20, 2014

back to school

Campus was completely over-stuffed with families dropping off their offspring for the start of the new semester - it was Move-In Day.  So there were large wheelie-bins (would that they'd existed in my day) full of - well, mostly it looked like pillows, and other home comforts - being trundled off to dorm rooms, and parents and siblings (as above) releasing their own family members into the welcoming bosom of the Trojan Family.  And lots of balloons.  I can't get over how much families are now involved ... with all due respect to my mother, I couldn't wait to hop out of her car (a rather risqué Triumph Herald convertible) and set off for my own independent adventure.  About the only thing that I brought from home (other than my French Art Nouveau bicycle poster) was a toasting fork: I had a lot of strange and out of date ideas involving Oxford college rooms, gas fires (and yes, in those days one still had to put 10p in the meter to keep them going) and - and what?  Crumpets?  That didn't really ever happen: the store opposite the college gates kept me going in chocolate digestive biscuits, instead.

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