Friday, August 29, 2014

happy ball

It's the end of Week One!  And the women's volleyball season is under way, and we beat Rider, Very Convincingly.  And this ball seems to have traveled down the street from somewhere, and was grinning outside a (childless) neighbor's house this morning just by where I'd parked my car, and seemed like a happy omen for what was, indeed, a good and intellectually thought-provoking day at the Visual Studies Research Institute conference - topped off by a dinner talking to an excellent assortment of visitors (including W. J. T. Mitchell, who has left me, especially after the dinner conversation, with too many ideas shooting in too many directions to pull together right now) and post-docs and graduates.  After a week dealing with - for example - the endless minutiae of hiring work-study students, this reminded me why it is, indeed, a privilege to have the job that I do.

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