Tuesday, August 12, 2014


No! not a selfie - but there we were, in the parking lot of the Santa Fe opera, enjoying our chicken-rolled-with-goats-cheese-and-the-first-hatch-chile-of-the-season, when another couple of women asked if we wanted them to take our picture.  So ... for once ... for a rare once ... this isn't one of my own photos.  As for Carmen, I thought it super-enjoyable, set on the Mexican border around 1960, and with the smugglers as drug runners.  Camped up, not really tragic, but with some truly inventive stage settings and very effective back projection: it was a Carmen that managed to duck all the cliches (still, I look back to Peter Brook's version, which I saw in Rome in - maybe - 1982? - as the best that I could ever hope to see, turned bleak and tragic and grey-sepia, with not a hint of comedy).

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