Sunday, August 30, 2015


Let's just say ... that in an ideal world this would have been a thoroughly peaceful day, my last in LA for a whole; one that wasn't filled with things like the CD slot in my computer getting jammed just as I decided to download a bagfull of CDs onto this computer with the idea of replenishing my on-the-road iPod; with the fact that it was still far too hot; with Mothy deciding that Bitzi was a completely hateful cat and should be obliterated (she wasn't successful), and with my growing realization that all the academic commitments (yes, it's that season) that I'd wanted to complete before leaving town wouldn't be.  Ah yes, and packing - even if most of the things that I'm taking off to North Carolina are in Santa Fe.  So ... the most tranquil part was watering the plants out back, and contemplating the ability of ferns to stay cool and green, and thus offering a model to be emulated.

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