Friday, August 14, 2015

Quinceañera (and old signs)

I guess that's the problem about determinedly shooting with Hipstamatic and an iPhone for a week - one can't guarantee that the "camera" and "film" that one has programed at any given moment will be necessarily quite what one wants.  However ... here we have a party arriving in a black limo at Frost's Ice Cream parlor, in Albuquerque, and I'm assuming that's it a Quinceañera, and that this is the birthday girl, and two of her requisite seven attendants ... Not an adult in sight: what truly impressed me were the young men, dressed up like members of a mariachi band - not deliberately, exactly, but that's the style - behaving with the kind of old-world courtesy that dated them to about 1890.  Very retro, very confusing, very sweet.

And then what struck me when I looked at the photo were the girl's shoes - they look like a pair of Converse boots.  I hadn't realised that part of the Quinceañera celebrations involve the fifteen-year-old being given - supposedly - her very first pair of high heeled shoes.  Retro though this all may be in its sexual politics, I hope they had a terrific party: they were certainly enjoying their day.

Just in case this isn't retro enough, here are a whole lot of Route 66 street signs - I was stuck on Central, aka Route 66, for interminable ever in a traffic jam ... (and yes, it's back to the Nikon, here ...)

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