Monday, August 3, 2015

on photographs of flowers, and tempting fate

My close friends know ... if I post a picture of a flower, or plant (or more ominous still, and late at night, a cat), I'm making use of what's to hand, and I'm signifying, very often, that whatever's going on that day is not stuff that I can really write about.  This isn't invariably true, but it frequently is. And for four and a half of the last six years, that "what's happening" has, almost always, been connected to chairing a department, or university business, or colleagues, or or or.  So I thought, this morning, walking in Eldorado, that - wouldn't it be terrific to take a picture of a flower - as I did yesterday, indeed - and it not be a filler, but simply have it stand for itself?

Be careful what you bring upon yourself.  It was a day in which - for all USC is 886 miles away - I might as well have been tied to it with ropes.  Whoever invented email has a good deal to answer for.

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