Friday, August 7, 2015

trumping Bitzi

Bitzi - I'm sorry.  But when I read about the cats who are styled to look like Donald Trump ... well ... it was time for a comb, and a temporary toupee ... (actually, she looks a little more like Boris Johnson ...).  In part this was inspired, too, by the new show at New York's Museum of the Moving Image, of Cats on the Internet, and various other memes.  And videos (Henri!).  And cat-shaming.  And - I'd never heard to cat-breading - cutting a hole in a piece of bread, and getting your cat to stare through it, like a weird gluten-filled ruff.  I particularly liked the statement by Jason Eppink, the curator, quoted in the NYT, that "I take delight in finding depth in seemingly frivolous subjects."  I guess that goes for a lot of what I post here ...

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