Thursday, October 8, 2015

apartment hunting

Full of gleaming, shining possibility, no?  This isn't, in fact, the converted loft space that I'll be renting - it's its twin, opposite, but this has a less good view - I will have courtyard and trees.  It seemed a very good omen that, walking towards it, there was a very pretty orange and white cat lounging in a window (yes, this is pet-friendly).  Indeed, it's the same complex, though not the same building, that I lived in eight years ago, and I will be very very happy (on Oct 28th) to be returning - and to be returning to the transformed vibrant city space that's now downtown Durham (yes, I know all the arguments about how new money has displaced Those Who Made Durham Great, but when I was here 8 years ago it was full of boarded up and half derelict buildings).  Keep every digit that you possess crossed that I can do a convincing job at showing the house I'm living in right now to some people tomorrow afternoon ...

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