Friday, October 2, 2015

procedural signs of fall

Really, in Los Angeles that means that some leaves are turning very dry.  I just can't get over seeing sunshine and blue skies again, after the last couple of weeks ... even sitting in the sun drinking a cappuccino whilst Alice was inside under anaesthetic and being procedured (all well!) felt like a vacation.  A Procedure - such a useful American word covering all manner of potential things from a tooth extraction to a heart transplant (neither applicable in this case): it sounds suitably serious, so no one feels obliged to inquire any further.  In England, "an operation" is only usually used when a knife or scalpel comes into play: what would we say otherwise?  "Having something done," or some such vague euphemism, I guess?  "A procedure" usually either means an abortion (which meant that I became conversationally confused, once or twice, when I was first in the US) or something quasi-complicated in Parliament.

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