Wednesday, October 28, 2015

the porchetta truck

Look what was parked outside my new apartment at lunchtime today!  I was, of course, too frazzled to partake - dealing with moving in through pouring, pouring rain and deep puddles; getting to Time Warner to pick up a variety of cables that don't seem to screw together how they should; and being on the phone/email to Alice to hear the latest on not just Walter Gomez, but Lucy Fur, also having bladder problems.  Advice: don't ever let your vet put your cats on Paxil, even in tiny doses.  There's a long story here, involving WG getting aggressive towards LF.  Lucy seems ok, now that she was given Valium to help her relax enough to pee - though is staying in vet hospital for another day or so, as is Walter, whose problems are more serious, and involve very inflamed and thickened bladder walls ... thank you, dear people who inquired after feline health, and apologies to those who would rather see what a lovely, comfortable, converted tobacco warehouse apartment looks like.  After the last eight weeks in the Sad House, this is bliss ...

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