Saturday, October 3, 2015

robin's book launch

Robin Coste Lewis's book launch for The Voyage of the Sable Venus this evening, at Elysian, in Elysian Valley - that is, her LA book launch, as opposed to the NY one, or the Bay Area one, or - I think of this as the real one, since this is LA, and this is where she's from, and this was the one with family ... So this isn't a picture of her, but of family, blood relatives and extended - here's her son Henri, sitting on her sister's knee, surrounded by various other cousins, and Chris McGeorge looking seraphic at the end of the row, and David St John on the bench to the right ... I haven't enjoyed a party so much in aeons, and I hope that Robin felt the same: she read quite beautifully, as well as looking shatteringly glamorous.  The Sable Venus is truly launched.

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