Friday, December 18, 2015

boiling a (perfect) egg

These will, of course, once turned into negatives, go into the waiting line of egg pictures waiting to be turned into albumen prints ... (negative, and fake albumen version, below ...).

... but that wasn't the original intention: the original intention was to boil an egg, having received an email from Alice to say that she was on her way back from town, and could I ...?   I don't have a lot of confidence at egg boiling (not something I'm that keen on), so looked up a recipe for how to make a perfect hard-boiled egg.

Put egg in saucepan.
Cover with cold water.
Bring to a rolling boil.
Take off heat, cover, and leave for 10 minutes.

This worked perfectly!  But whilst waiting for it to boil, its beauty was unmissable, both before and after the lens steamed up ...

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