Wednesday, December 30, 2015

drawing with light

The New Mexico History Museum's exhibition of (largely) contemporary pinhole photography is still on for another ten days or so: a large roomful of people, things, places captured with a sense of their miraculous fragility in time.  But this show also feeds my passion for the Camera Obscura: there's one little room with a pinhole in it - and there, projected onto its wall, is the Plaza, upside down.  As with the big Camera Obscura that I visited in Havana in May, in some ways the most striking thing is seeing things moving - in this case, flags blowing in the wintry wind.  Staying there for a quarter of an hour, or so, what was even more extraordinary, in the end, was seeing the changing sky - and the moment in which the pinhole captured the rare moment of sun, burning bright.  All these images - and there are more where these came from - are different, showing the play of light on branches.  I was transfixed.

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