Saturday, December 5, 2015

Keep Calm and Curry On

Let me reassure you, dear reader, of two things: (i), I did not eat it all (ii), the heading of this post isn't my invention, but is the name of the food truck that I was happy to see parked outside my apartment when I came back from the NCAA volleyball game in Chapel Hill (Creighton won; they'll meet USC in San Diego next weekend ...).  The guy who owned the truck was from Birmingham!  Brum, that is, not Alabama.  So it tasted very English-genuine.  We had a conversation about Americans not like hot curry ... and I also asked him why, if he was from B'ham, he didn't do balti. Ah, he said, tomorrow was balti day, when he's at some proto-English-beer brewing brewery's Christmas festival.  I felt positively nostalgic - it was like being back on the Cowley Road.

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