Friday, December 4, 2015

not a flash

The idea, at the National Humanities Center Holiday Party, is to hang on the tree an ornament representing something to do with our project, our scholarship.  Some of these were terrific - one particular stand-out (from someone working on Chinese eunuchs) was a replica of the red cloth-wrapped jar holding the removed organ that eunuchs kept on a high shelf, and that was buried with them; some were slightly strange (putting one's own face on a medieval image of Christ on the cross is - well, hubristic?); some reflected very well the maker's project, pure and simple - a miniature 'zine thanking the Center's staff.  I'd had the optimistic idea of gluing together four vintage flash bulbs - easily found on ebay.  Alas, not so easily delivered - they were swallowed up in the maws of the postal service at the beginning of the week, and never emerged, although when I eventually found the right post office, I was told that they could probably locate them tomorrow.  So ... I had to go to Lowe's, and Michael's, to buy supplies - so if this ornament looks like a halogen bulb, so be it.  I felt, though, rather downcast at my plans having been defeated.

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