Wednesday, December 2, 2015

flash or ...

Well, no, it's not, and that faint darkening in the foreground probably gives the fact away.  It's the dark wet woods off the Center's carpark, revealing themselves in the cold hard light of my car headlights.  Probably the strange cut-off nature of the light tells one this, too.   See?  I'm getting good at visual forensics.  Because I'm starting to get to the point in Flash! when it becomes really difficult to tell if an image is made using flash, or some other form of electrical illumination, like studio lights, that might create very unnatural effects, but that have no sudden, blinding, interruptive force.  This, in turn, makes me very reliant on circumstantial evidence about the lighting used - and/or means that in my final chapters, I'll be writing more and more about press photography, paparazzi, crime photography, and the amateur snapshot.  No wonder, given the company it keeps, that people have come to hate flash so much.

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