Tuesday, April 4, 2017

an arbitrary store front

In a sense, this is an utterly arbitrary store front - it was just there when I was stopped at light on the way in to USC.  But it also raises questions about how arbitrary one's eye may or may not be.  Did I decide to take this picture because at some level I took on board the compositional rightness of the broken heart, the bright red column, the pink and crimson dresses?  Does my photographic eye unconsciously recognize not just framing elements - that I expect - but balances of color, as well?  (if I'd been asked at the time what had attracted my eye, I would, after all, have said all the foliage, and the old wrought-iron balcony just visible through it).  And then there's the fortuitous pigeon, on the upper left windowsill, subtly echoed in the top of the parking meter ...

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