Friday, April 21, 2017

roses and fennel, with a library attached

Round about four o'clock this afternoon, sitting taking notes in the Huntington Library, I thought - this is crazy!  It's a beautiful day out there!  The Rose Garden should be in full bloom.  Which it was - overwhelmingly so.  I don't have a particularly good sense of smell (apart from jasmine - happily; bad things, and olefactory hallucinations of fire), but even I was knocked back by rose scents.  And they went on, and on ...

although I always especially enjoy the adjoining herb and vegetable garden (cabbages look very good, with large dark curly leaves, as a backdrop to roses).  Today, the stand-out plants were the blooming fennel -

and then, in the center, this blue jay flew in.  I promise you he's not stuffed.

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