Monday, April 17, 2017

working at home

I wish I could get more into the habit of working at home - it's such a wonderful and green-surrounded space, and I have books and internet ...

... and impediments.  The impediments roam around my desk.  I found this out, once again, today, when I had to stay at home for work people: freezer surprisingly warm: needed the condenser vacuuming (I'm sure that's an American thing - whoever heard of taking an industrial strength vacuum cleaner to one's refrigerator innards?) and washing machine - leaking - needs a new gasket. Really, it would be good if the cats would go out to work, instead of gazing skeptically at my notes.

Oh, and this is what LucyFur does, at the slightest hint of a workman anywhere near her space.  No one can see her, can they?

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