Wednesday, April 12, 2017

swan lake

Sometimes, I can feel very grumpy coming into USC early on a Monday or a Wednesday, when Alice teaches an 8.30 class, and I need the transportation in order to attend a mid-afternoon meeting (for I am not shelling out for my own expensive car parking pass when on leave ...).  But this morning wasn't one of these days - at least, not as soon as I saw that the reflective pool had been Occupied.  "They were out here early this morning," said the maintenance guy.  "The students.  Taking photos.  At least we've got them all to the sides now.  Do you want one?  We'll just round them up and throw them away, otherwise."  So there's now a small inflatable plastic water bird in my office.  I wish they could all have been found good homes ... surely the students might have taken them to a school (yes, I know it's Spring Break), or even the lake in Macarthur Park?

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