Monday, April 3, 2017

in conversation with Amanda Vickery

I wouldn't have chosen that image of Amanda to be so stern, so haughtily aristocratic, if I'd taken more time over it - but it's a rapid interpretation of my desk today, as I was assembling a set of ideas and questions for our "curated conversation" after she spoke at USC later this evening.  It was a huge privilege and pleasure to be talking to her in a public forum.  Of course, I wildly over-prepared - and although I managed to cover lots of good ground (after she'd spoken for an hour or more, and touched on - or throroughly covered - some things I'd wanted to talk about, there were still questions left over).  I especially wanted to ask about how she copes with how her love of detail, of multiple example, of the tiny but telling circumstantial material fact - something from which, in her writing, she always manages to extract a larger point - how she copes with that being truncated, shaved and pared on TV.  As it was, though, I managed to ask her, at the end, about what I really wanted to know about (no - not how she manages to walk, on camera, on the kind of heels that I could never balance on to cross a room) - that is, her Twitter account.  I can feel myself gearing up to tweet when Flash! is a step or so further down the road, and Amanda provides an amazing role model.

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