Tuesday, July 11, 2017

a solar-powered fountain

Yay!  This arrived in the mail today - or at least in a FedEx truck - and I assembled it, and it works!  I was inspired by the birds-in-your-back yard talk that we went to in our local library a couple of weeks ago.  Although we have a bird bath, and another plant pot base of water for those who like their water supply on the ground, we were told about how the sound of running water serves to attract birds (and of course, it's great to listen to).  It's almost outside my study window, ideal for avian distraction ... so far, one bemused towhee (are there any other kinds?) has sat on it briefly and flown off, and two house finches did a surveillance fly past.  We'll see what happens tomorrow (and we'll see, too, how much sun it needs to get it up and running again).

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