Monday, July 17, 2017

morning glory

When we arrived here, I did my normal trip to Agua Fria nurseries to stock up on plants for the containers - something greatly aided this year by the thoughtfulness of the university that gave me a $200 gift card for a writing up a promotion case.  It's always a surprise and a treat to get paid - one doesn't expect it, whatever one's views about remuneration for professional service, etc, but one can't deny that each case takes a lot of care and attention and careful - albeit usually very enjoyable - reading.  But a gift card?  That stops the money just sliding off to pay the bills, and ensures that one buys something - at least in this case - that's a treat: lots of plants.  I bought (among many other things ...) two morning glory plants - one is somewhat sulky; wants to grow outwards not upwards, and seems prone to being eaten by something.  The other one - this one - took one look as some string that I nailed to a post on our portales, and is racing up - I swear it grows an inch a day.  And this morning - a veritable First Flower.

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