Wednesday, July 19, 2017

a very small vacation, with lavender

Alice catches a plane to NYC in the morning - so we're taking the opportunity to have a one-night vacation at Los Poblanos, a lavender farm on the outskirts of Albuquerque - a lovely old NM property, with the kind of gardens that make one instantly want to re-do one's own tumbleweed-ridden back yard (although probably not with the water features).

So this is the view across the gardens to our room ...

But.  We've stayed here twice before - and the last time, in particular, Los Poblanos was an idyllic, slightly funky, lavender-full establishment, with great hens and other animals, and a wonderful laid-back, escapist vibe.  Now - they've just finished building a whole lot (maybe 18?) of vacation units over half the lavender fields, and have expanded, expanded ... Sure, there's still lavender growing (and ready for consumption - I had a lavender champagne cocktail and we had peach and lavender gelato for desert) - but all the same, we're anxious that the success of this establishment could have killed the goose that laid the golden - or at least lavender colored - egg.

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