Friday, July 14, 2017

crow on a painted post

Our Eldorado neighbors have a large number of different things in their front yards (besides cactus, tumbleweed, chamisa, and rabbits).  "Front yard" is a bit of a misnomer, when we all have an acre and a half of land, and we're only allowed, by statute, to enclose a very small amount by our houses, so we all look as though we're living on exhausted grazing land.  But there's a life size (and very realistic) metalwork bison, a tin elk, various pieces of Westernalia in the form of real or fake farm carts, bird feeders (of course), bluebird nesting boxes, a paint-fading Kokopelli figure, the occasional beehive, Tibetan prayer flags strung between posts, stacks of wood, and so on.  One particularly decorative-minded household not only has a spruced-up vintage flat bed truck, a tin coyote, and various Western-themed objects, but these painted poles - which, today, functioned as a crow post.

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