Monday, January 31, 2011


Monday morning involved a walk in a rainforest (leeches included) with a very Dr Doolittle like bearded gentleman, who had a whole extended family of pademelons (see below - like very small wallabies) who hopped around after us to be fed slices of sweet potato, and musky rat kangaroos who are very very small and dark brown, and birds who flew out of the trees to perch on his hands and eat over-rope bananas.   They all had names ... Elizabeth the matriarch, and the shy, vocalizing Cathy, and my favorite, the rich brown Audrey ... this is Connie (it's a matriarchal society, and we only met one outcast male, on the edges of the property).

And then we sat under a canopy and drank tea and instant coffee brewed up on a stove, and ate Anzac biscuits (Elizabeth burrowing around in the foreground).

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