Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Slide boxes - dating from around 1966, then 1969-1974 - containing the strangest assortment of images.   This vacation, I've been scanning some in order to share them with my parents - most of the ones that I've resuscitated are of summer holidays on the Ile aux Moines, in Britanny, though some are older, and show, among other things, my mother with a quite scarily bad 1960s perm.   Of course, I wish (as I think I noted a few weeks back) that I'd taken many more of people, and many fewer of picture postcard views in Greece.

And then some are just weird.   No amount of Googling has yet revealed what film I was witnessing being shot in the big hole that was developing as they demolished Les Halles, in Paris, in 1973.   It seems to be a Western of some kind: hardly a spaghetti Western, in Paris - a moules Western, a coq au vin Western, perhaps?   In the background it looks like the American cavalry; in the foreground, Indian women and children being forced on the Long Walk, maybe?   But then ... are those army trucks part of the scene, or just parked there?   All guesses very welcome ...

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  1. ... you'll have to click on the bottom image to see it properly ...